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Clicking "edit this page" doesn't work in mobile site
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Steps to reproduce:

  1. In your local instance, go to the article "NoExisto"
  2. Click "edit this page" in the message "There is currently no text in this page. You can search for this page title in other pages, search the related logs, or edit this page."


  1. In your local instance, go to index.php?title=NoExisto&action=edit

What happens:
The user goes to index.php?title=NoExisto&action=edit which redirects back to the article page.

What should happen:
The user goes to the editing interface (or gets the log-in CTA if they need to log in)

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Severity: enhancement



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When action=edit is present in the url it simply doesn't load the editor on mobile. We should hijack these links in JavaScript if they are easy to identify or we should assign them a hash.

Unfortunately this link will not work for editors on older phones. Maybe hiding it for the time being would be a good idea (similar to how we scrub red links)?

The existing behavior of refreshing is confusing. i think the best thing might be to add a blue button saying edit this page that when clicked loads the editor would be a good workaround for the time being.

Hiding the links would be tricky as they aren't easy to identify. In this case it just appears in the content of the page without any particular class or ID. I agree it would probably be best to not refresh, and instead present them with some interface to launch the editor. Long term, we should think about how to load the mobile editing interface via action=edit without having an intermediate step if possible.

Added design tag so we can move forward on this.

So... we can override the default page for new pages (in alpha):

This just leaves links that editors leave. Should we worry about those?

I'm going to defer to Vibha on this, but my high level summary below:

Ideally we have a special page on mobile with some level of guidance for creating a page from scratch, the full desktop page doesn't cut it.

Seems like the page is/should be split between "Is this what you meant" helping user who mistyped, didn't use the right capitalization, searched the wrong project and user who really did want to start a new article. the ratio of these two user cases is probably 80/20 [citation needed]

We should consider a different icon for create new article rather than the normal "edit"

Why can't users start the article creation process with an image?

Created attachment 13272
Roary the page creation guy

This is rather a niche case - since an editor can link anywhere, editors tend to put edit links inside pages. On mobile this doesn't do anything as all editing is JavaScript based. That said, then clicking on the edit button should be pretty straight forward

First version is merged into alpha (see attachment)


Screen_Shot_2013-09-11_at_1.02.34_PM.png (548×452 px, 77 KB)

Change 84913 had a related patch set uploaded by JGonera:
Redirect &action=edit&section=X to mobile editor

Change 84913 merged by jenkins-bot:
Redirect &action=edit&section=X to mobile editor