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Merge Extension:TwoFactorAuthentication into Extension:OATHAuth
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So because of the architectural differences between the two extensions, I figured it'd just be easier to make a tracking bug and have bugs for all the things OATHAuth is missing that TwoFactorAuthentication has. Then I'll re-fix those things one-by-one rather than attempting some kind of massive code merge.



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Is there just T55197 left to do here?

Or do we still have other features/improvements to gain?

It should be just that. I filed a bug for every difference between the two at the time.

Kghbln added a subscriber: Kghbln.Aug 17 2017, 10:06 PM

What is the status of this. Can this extension be archived?

@Kghbln: See the two comments before your comment? :)

@Aklapper I have seen this. So we can now archive the extension since a patch set is already in place, no?

Can you link to the merged commit you refer to that fixed T55197? That task is open and blocking this task.

You are indeed serious. Well ...

Kghbln removed a subscriber: Kghbln.Aug 18 2017, 2:16 PM

So we can now archive the extension since a patch set is already in place, no?

tracked at T178770

Reedy closed this task as Resolved.Jun 2 2018, 8:01 PM

Extension is archived...