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OATH should use $wgSecureLogin
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The TOTP RFC recommends all communications (especially those involving the secret key) be over TLS. I recommend using $wgSecureLogin as an indicator of whether communications should be forced over HTTPS.

Version: master
Severity: enhancement

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Change 213770 had a related patch set uploaded (by Parent5446):
Make OATHAuth respect $wgSecureLogin

Reedy renamed this task from OATH should use $wgSecureLogin (or have its own similar variable) to OATH should use $wgSecureLogin.Oct 31 2016, 2:41 PM
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Does AuthManager actually handle this now?

@Reedy, I grepped through our source code, but I see no indication of AuthManager handling this. It should also be noted that the flow to enable and disable 2FA are not (yet) part of AuthManager and I presume would still require this changeset.

AuthManager handles $wgSecureLogin on login, so entering the one-time key is secured. The other AuthManager special pages do not respect $wgSecureLogin; they probably should though. Filed T180886: AuthManager special pages should honor $wgSecureLogin.

Change 213770 abandoned by Reedy:
Make OATHAuth respect $wgSecureLogin

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