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VisualEditor: Changing the first letter of wikilinked words is difficult
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Seems I had written about it in an unrelated bug, sorry. This happens on itwp: in order to do this
I had to delete the word and link it back again. Our guidelines about style
require pages in that section to appear with the capital letter, so we need to be able to fix that easily.

It is also reported on en.wp, the user states <<When trying to correct a lower-case letter to a capital letter at the beginning of a link, I deleted the lower-case letter and found I couldn't type a capital letter and have it become part of the link, nor could I seem to extend the link over the capital. Eventually, I typed the capital after the lower-case letter and then deleted the lower-case letter. It might be good to have some way to extend a link over adjoining letters/words/text. Mount Flatten (talk) 05:31, 22 August 2013 (UTC) >>

ps. Might be related to .

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