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API : add param to filter notifications
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In API module "meta=notifications",

  1. There is not (yet) possibility to check only new notifications that the user have not yet seen.

It would be good to provide a new param ("&notshow=" ?) to do so, with possible values : "all" (default value), "read" and "!read".

  1. The provided timestamps ("mw" attribute in timestamp tag and "read" attribute in notification tag) are not in standard mediawiki API timestamp format : "yyyy-mm-ddThh:mm:ssZ" (see for example "list=recentchanges&rcprop=timestamp").

It would be good to fix that too.



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  1. It would be good to have time params to filter notifications, based on a timestamp, like in "list=logevents" module :

    lestart - The timestamp to start enumerating from leend - The timestamp to end enumerating ledir - In which direction to enumerate newer - List oldest first. older - List newest first (default).

For future reference, please only file one request per report. Thanks! :)

@Andre Klapper :

As the three request are about the same thing (the notifications API module), it seemed good to me to group theses reports and to let the same (group of) developper(s) work on the whole request, as I guess the code modifications to do are in the same area.

But OK, next time I'll do one request per bug.

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sounds like it could be useful

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