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Language links not correctly marked as "mw:WikiLink/Language" by Parsoid
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(Bug coming from #51430 comment)

As far as I can see, these links are not marked "mw:WikiLink/Language" but
simply "mw:WikiLink". So, it's not possible to make any difference between them and "normal" wikilinks.

See a the end of this page for example:

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The reason might be that those are marked as "local" in the interwiki info returned from the API. That means that there is a redirect configured from to

We should still mark them as language links as that is the way they are interpreted by the PHP parser. Pointing the href to the absolute URL ending in /wiki/ should also be fine as that redirects to the wiki's main page just as the local redirect does.

Change 81413 had a related patch set uploaded by GWicke:
Bug 53243: Accept prefix-only interwiki / language links

See bug 53432 for a related serializer bug uncovered by the tests added in the patch above.

Change 81413 merged by jenkins-bot:
Bug 53243: Accept prefix-only interwiki / language links

Now deployed in production.

Note that we are planning to rename some of these typeofs. mw:WikiLink/Language will likely become mw:PageProp/Language. See for the details, and let us know if you see issues for Kiwix.

THX. As long as I can identify the language links, this is good to me; whatever how this is labelled.