Cross-wiki watchlists


Author: acrush

Please consider providing wikimedians with crosswiki watchlists. Such could also
be made public as an option.

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@vvv this is one of the oldest tasks assigned to someone. There is no doubt that users are still interested. Are you still planning to work on it?

I wonder whether this could be a good candidate for an internship project, adding a UX mentor to the mix.

In T5525#79271, @vvv wrote:

Surprisingly, the front end is the more problematic part here. When I tried to work on it, the UI code for watchlist showed active resistance to being adopted for the cross-wiki purposes.

Let me add Design here, just in case it helps.

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This looks like it could be a pretty good GSoC/Outreachy project. Anyone willing to mentor?

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Before suggesting this to students, should we check with dba folks (@Springle) if having a single db that gets a write on any edit to any of our 300-odd projects (as that is the approach suggested above) would be problematic (i know very little about the write load performance considerations for our dbs or if globally the number of edits has big bursts, so probably this scheme is obviously ok and im just being pessemistic. If it was a problem there are probably ways around it [e.g. inserting in batches with a script with plenty of wait for slaves or something] so possibly still a good gsoc project, but i think this is something we should determine up front)

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Providing the updates to the hypothetical[1] global database could be applied as asynchronous batches via jobrunners, the write load would be manageable.

The read load might actually be the more interesting problem. Currently we have watchlist queries segregated from normal traffic so they hit specific slaves in each shard which treats caches nicely and minimizes the blast radius when something goes south. Running a global watchlist might actually improve this arrangement overall; the separation would reduce the freedom to run some of the current complex joins and encourage a more scalable approach.

[1] We already have a few global databases. Eg, centralauth, flowdb, and wikishared on extension1.

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@Springle, would you like to mentor this project?

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@Springle, would you like to mentor this project?

Probably not alone since I'm not a developer. Happy to team up though.

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From a brief chat with @Legoktm and @yuvipanda, it appears this project might be a little too big for GSoC. If we could break down the task into smaller chunks, perhaps separating the backend and frontend implementation, it might be more doable.

I've made a prototype for a cross-wiki watchlist as an OAuth tool:
It's currently very limited, as it only queries a list of hand-picked projects and doesn't offer any options. I would like to actually build it as an GSoC project, anyone willing to mentor such a project?

Building it as an OAuth webapp and not as an extension has the advantages of not being confined by the requirements of code review, scalability or modifying existing complex code and database structures. It also allows greater freedom to do things differently and experiment with the UI. While it currently looks similar to the well-known mediawiki watchlist I don't think it will when it's "released". To pick a particular feature I would like to add support for inline diffs as discussed in T53958: Watchlist and recent changes should be able to show diffs inline.

The prototype uses AngularJS for the frontend and python for the backend. I've build it by basically forking a different prototype: T91490: Proposal: A semi-automatic find and replace webapp. See that task for a more implementation details.

Feel free to ping me in IRC, I idle around in the usual channels with the nick sitic.

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An external tool would not meet the requirements to fix this bug, but may be useful (IIRC we already had such tools in the past): please file it as a separate task.

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T92955: An enhanced cross-wiki watchlist as an OAuth tool is looking for mentors and feedback. Your help is appreciated. The deadline for GSoC submissions is 27 March, in 8 days.

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I see that gamepedia wikis have a "GlobalWatchlist" extension. Can someone register there and see how it works? It would be nice to ask Curse to publish it on gerrit, but maybe the code is already published somewhere.

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This task is listed under "Missing mentors" at Possible-Tech-Projects. Are there mentors willing to propose it for Outreachy-Round-11 (December-March, although the application period is starting soon and we already have potential candidates looking for project ideas).

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This is a message sent to all Possible-Tech-Projects. The new round of Wikimedia Individual Engagement Grants is open until 29 Sep. For the first time, technical projects are within scope, thanks to the feedback received at Wikimania 2015, before, and after (T105414). If someone is interested in obtaining funds to push this task, this might be a good way.

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The GlobalWatchlist extension that runs on Gamepedia is tied heavily into the Curse account system to be able to use a single user identifier. Exactly like the global_id used by Extension:CentralAuth. Releasing it in its current state would result in code that is unusable by anyone else. There are future plans for the team, one year or more, to rework the Curse account system so that extensions that rely on it can be easily decoupled.

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Crosswatch tool exists.

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IMPORTANT: If you are a community developer interested in working on this task: The Wikimedia Hackathon 2016 (Jerusalem, March 31 - April 3) focuses on Community-Wishlist-Survey projects. There is some budget for sponsoring volunteer developers. THE DEADLINE TO REQUEST TRAVEL SPONSORSHIP IS TODAY, JANUARY 21. Exceptions can be made for developers focusing on Community Wishlist projects until the end of Sunday 24, but not beyond. If you or someone you know is interested, please REGISTER NOW.
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