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Hash behaviour on mobile with sections
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Author: emmprogramming

Running iOS 6.1.2 mobile safari browser on Wikipedia's mobile website

Go to any article.
Open a sub-category.
Click any link that will open a new article.
Now at the new page, press the back button to return to original article.
Instead of being taken to the place where you have left the article you will be at the bottom of the page with all sub-categories closed.

Should be taken back to the place where you have left off.

Version: unspecified
Severity: enhancement
OS: other
Platform: Smartphone



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Previously we maintained a hash when you toggled open a section but some people complained this was annoying as this meant that clicking back would take you to the previous section you toggled rather than the previous page (if you toggled open 5 sections it would be 5 steps back to the 1st page).

It's not clear what the best behaviour is but we should discuss this some more and work out how this should work to make everyone happy.

Jared what's your opinion on what the behaviour should be here?

I think this would only make sense to preserve for the session, e.g. if i follow a link on a page it would be great to use the back button to go to the exact same place on the page that i followed the link from, however this seems to be more browser behavior than something a site should try to dictate through hacks. I would never recommend that section expands and collapses should be written into the browser history, since that would cause very undesirable (and confusing) behavior to most users.

Change 103845 had a related patch set uploaded by Jdlrobson:
In alpha mode, save and restore the set of open sections in the history

Change 103845 abandoned by Jdlrobson:
In alpha mode, save and restore the set of open sections in the history

Please feel free to re-open this patchset and see it to completion.

Abandoning for now due to inactivity so that it disappears from the queue of things to review.

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