VisualEditor: trouble with Template:Hlist
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Reporting user comment, some formatting is mine:
<<I made this as a demonstration.

  1. If the hlist template is used in an infobox or a table like on the page, when I go to VE, the list will end up be extended far into the page.
  2. If it's used with [[File:Image]] as on the page, the list will end up being cut off, and then some weird things will happen if I try to click on the hlist template (e.g., the page will be extended to right and my browser will give a horizontal scroll bar). FF 23.0.1 Win7--Atethnekos 19:33, 25 August 2013 (UTC) >>

I edited his sandbox a couple of times. In this version the pics of the masks are moved to the left: the caption of the first one is not cut out, but you can't edit the pics at all since VE will consider them as a non editable block.
I can't reproduce the horizontal bar and I can correctly edit the hlist template inside the mask pic caption with both FF and Chrome.

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