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clever support for direction in CodeEditor
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Most programming languages are left-to-right, so dir="ltr" should be the default for CodeEditor. However, some programming languages are right-to-left, for example qlb and others (see [[Non-English-based programming languages]] and search the page for Arabic), and they should be supported, too. The direction should probably be a parameter when initializing the editing control.

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Amire80 created this task.Aug 26 2013, 6:40 PM

We don't support anything but JS/CSS and Lua right now right ? So this is highly theoretical for now ?

brion added a comment.Jan 3 2014, 4:28 PM

Use of explicitly RTL programming languages would be highly theoretical, I would think. :) But neat, if anybody wants to run a wiki using them we'd love the patch I imagine.

Full bidi is however useful for "regular" programming languages that include comments or strings in RTL languages, however.

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