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Add group permissions to control who can create threads, edit messages, etc
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It currently has those permissions: lqt-split, lqt-merge and lqt-react.

Some users would like more fine-grained access control (see URL). lqt-react apparently controls whether a user is allowed to post a reply to another thread. I guess how useful is that right if there's no access control for creating threads, or even edit your own/other user's messages. Apparently, $wgNamespaceProtection does not work as expected when it comes to the Thread and Summary namespaces.

I think we should at least add those specific rights for:

  • creating threads
  • editing own message (message created by the user)
  • editing message created by other user
  • create/edit thread summary

The "editing *" right may affect also the ability to change a thread subject.

Version: master
Severity: enhancement



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