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Navboxes look bad in Mobile
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We've gotten a few complaints about pages like looking bad on mobile due to giant vertical navboxes. Horizontal navboxes look even worse, but are usually hidden in the External links or References section, so people don't see them as often. Either navboxes should be significantly redesigned for mobile use, or they should be hidden in the mobile view (similar to how they are already hidden for the print version of articles).

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mgrover wrote:

In progress just waiting for feedback.

Specifically, Jon implemented a temporary hack for

We're waiting to see what community reaction is (if any) before implementing a more permanent solution.

Change 83135 had a related patch set uploaded by Kaldari:
Hide nav boxes on small displays

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Hide nav boxes on small displays

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Nav boxes are hidden in the print view because they serve as hypertext navigational aids, and you can't navigate paper with hyperlinks. But nav boxes certainly can aid navigation on mobile devices, so I don't see how removing them could possibly be a legitimate solution.

I have merged with T124168 to keep the conversation in one place. Feel free to update the description there if you feel it does not fairly reflect your concerns.