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VisualEditor: Images after template are shielded and uneditable in RTL
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I could not replicate this in LTR wikis ( or but I suspect this is not so much ltr/rtl but floating behavior of the templates and images.

See example here:

The top two images are regular images (not templates) - they are perfectly editable if you remove the template at the top. They got their shielded status after I inserted that template.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Edit a page
  2. Insert some image (or more) to top
  3. Save page
  4. Edit again, insert template "{{עליות}}" just above the images.
  5. Save.
  6. Edit again. Observe: The images jumped to the left (wrong float side) and are now uneditable.
  7. Interesting fact: Remove the template and save, then go back into the editor and the images are still uneditable.

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Severity: normal



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Correction: images jump to the *right* (wrong floating side in RTL wikis) not left. Apparently my sense of directions needs its own bug report.

This seems to be fixed now with the change of images and the way we render shields.