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Autofill should work for labels and descriptions
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Browsers assist users by suggesting values to fill into input fields based on what the user has previously entered into that field. This does not work on Item pages, making it very cumbersome to edit multiple items with similar labels or descriptions.

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That's because we prevent default behavior in the UI. I guess for input fields like label and descriptions it should not be too hard to enable it again if we want to, while it would make no sense or is just impossible to do it for input fields where the entity selector or some sort of preview widget is used.

I'd like to get some feedback on how often people actually enter the same value repeatedly or if this would just be clutter.

I have to agree to the reasons given in the comments above. Labels and aliases should be (more or less) unique. From what I know duplicates are a rare case. Wouldn't it be bad if we motivate the users to basically copy & paste the same labels to other items?

Duplicate descriptions do make more sense. Think of all the "Disambiguation page" descriptions.

Almost everything else uses suggester drop-downs which require the browsers autocomplete to be disabled.

Please note that we don't actually set autocomplete="off". It simply doesn't work because the input elements don't have a name.

The following questions need to be discussed: Which input fields should be in the same "group" for the autocomplete feature? Should a previously typed label be suggested in other languages? (I think it should.) Should it be restricted to the labels within the same item? (Avoids duplicates but makes the feature almost useless.) Should aliases be suggested and if yes, should it be restricted to the language or item? Does it make sense to use labels as suggestions for descriptions?

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This hasn't been touched for the last 3 years so we will close it.