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zh-..., pt, and other language variants are not supported by CentralNotice
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For Wiki Loves Monuments I created, just as last year, a group of pages to contain the text of the CentralNotice banner in the several languages. Pages like:

All these languages work perfectly fine. On request of users/organisers from Hong Kong, China, and Taiwan we also created:

It appears that the zh-... banners aren't recognized by the CentralNotice extension as language, I noticed they do not show up in the available languages list, while they are created. (Also be-tarask is missing there.)

From local users who have set there settings on zh-tw and also other variants, those variant isn't shown, but instead another Chinese variant (I suspect 'zh').

I don't know why these variants can't be used, while in the preferences we can set these Chinese variants as language.

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Can we verify that whether users are seeing something wrong on user viewing interface, rather than editing or managing interface? If so, please provide related language settings (uselang / preferences etc).

(In reply to comment #1)

If so, please provide
related language settings (uselang / preferences etc).

And if user is not logged in, this is even tied to browser language settings. Please provide them too. wrote:

Geo = {"city":"Kathmandu","country":"NP","lat":"27.716700","lon":"85.316704","IP":"","netmask":"24"} wrote:

We did earlier today a fix to the banner, I asked them if they still have the same issue. wrote:

Sorry, 2 messages in mistake

mwalker wrote:

Did anyone ever get to the bottom of this?

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Blocks our China campaign. We need to deliver zh-Hans vs zh-Hant content in CN and DI, and track user language variants correctly for the thank-you letter and correspondence. Currently, as we know from pt-br campaigns, we have lots of issues with variants.

Just sticking to CentralNotice for now, how do we want to do this for zh (and other languages with variant scripts)? Automatic conversion or manual translation? At the moment we block translation to the zh-xx variants (barring T51898) so that would suggest the former was the intention.

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I just remembered that a few months ago we came across some issues about CN not using language preferences as expected, so maybe that's the explanation for the issue with the original WLM campaign, which did target logged-in users! I'll check it out in detail. Still doesn't solve the challenges of using language variant selector info for anonymous users and passing that data further along down the donation chain...

Another idea: maybe we could create a test campaign on the beta cluster with a setup more or less similar to the one that's needed? What do you think?


For references, the two projects we talked about that have drop-down variant switchers are Chinese and Kazakh. Are there more?

For both projects, the language variant is shown in URL, though in different places.

On the Kazakh Wikipedia there is a CentralNotice campaign running right now, and its content doesn't change with the variant switcher.

Please note my project (also in the WMF repo). It supports IETF language tags, and can convert from MediaWiki or Unix locale yuckiness.

I found a little more info at There are a few other projects with language conversion, but Chinese is by far the most important one from a fundraising POV.

See also T21044 - the whole area is chronically underdocumented.

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