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Google points to HTTP articles (where users cannot log in)
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Author: winne2i

After recent changes in HTTP/HTTPS logging in for users there's a problem*.
Google search results point to HTTP versions of articles but users are not logged in while on HTTP. This enforces users to reload page or re-log in.
I see some solution in bug 51002 ?

*)Although this also occured before but user could login via HTTP (and optionally use a DIY script in common.js to redirect to HTTPS).

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Severity: normal



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This bug is probably a duplicate of bug 51002, but the resolution of this one has non-trivial implications, see the on-going discussion on wikimedia-l

If you are already connected to Wikipedia, you should be redirected from HTTP to HTTPS if you keep checked the preference "Always use a secure connection when logged in" (1st page of preferences). Do you really have this checkbox checked? (if no, disconnect and reconnect after checking.)

winne2i wrote:

Gosh, it works today… I don't know why it didn't two previous times.
Shame on it. Shame on me.
Consider thus bug resolved. Thanks!