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The "servers are overloaded" (view-pool-error) message should marked as in user interface language instead of content language
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Maybe on <div class="errorbox">?

Version: 1.22.0
Severity: minor



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Seen on arwiki with interface language "en":

<div id="bodyContent">

								<div id="siteSub">From ويكيبيديا</div>
								<div class="mw-content-ltr" id="contentSub" dir="ltr" lang="en"></div>
												<div id="jump-to-nav" class="mw-jump">
					Jump to:					<a href="#mw-navigation">navigation</a>, 					<a href="#p-search">search</a>
				<div style="font-family: Amiri,arial,sans-serif;" id="mw-content-text" dir="rtl" class="mw-content-rtl" lang="ar"><div class="errorbox">Sorry, the servers are overloaded at the moment.<p>Too many users are trying to view this page.

Please wait a while before you try to access this page again.
<ul><li> Timeout waiting for the lock
</div> <div class="printfooter">

				Retrieved from "<a href="الصفحة_الرئيسية&amp;oldid=11248009">الصفحة_الرئيسية&amp;oldid=11248009</a>"				</div>
												<div id="catlinks" class="catlinks catlinks-allhidden"></div>												<div class="visualClear"></div>

These are the view-pool-error and generic-pool-error interface messages. The particular use of that messages described in this task is most likely the one in includes/page/Article.php .

		$errortext = $error->getWikiText( false, 'view-pool-error' );
		$outputPage->addWikiText( Html::errorBox( $errortext ) );
Krinkle renamed this task from "Sorry, the servers are overloaded at the moment. ..." should be marked as in user interface language instead of content language. to The "servers are overloaded" (view-pool-error) message should marked as in user interface language instead of content language.Jun 7 2018, 1:46 PM
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Hello team!
I pick up current ticket as "good first task". During the research I found that the issue already resolved. The method "showViewError" selects the user interface language with "getContext()->getLanguage()" and the error is displayed correctly. So probably we could close the current ticket. Correct me if I miss something?

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@RussRogovetz: Hi and welcome, and thanks for your interest! Indeed, rMWdb3a8beb778ba841cf6bf795312bdba796c58ee5 changed this to

			$this->showViewError( $renderStatus->getWikiText(
				false, 'view-pool-error', $this->getContext()->getLanguage()

Thanks for your investigation! I'm going to resolve this ticket.