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Better wiki markup to display media files needed
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Author: dunc_harris

We need a more effective way of linking to sound and video files.

I think the best way to do this is to have a right floating framed box displaying the icon (for ogg
files, and others as appropriate).

We could use image markup-like markup, e.g. [[media:example.ogg|frame|right|Listen to
the example image!]] to achieve this. Clicking on the icon would take the user
through to the description page, where all the copyright information, etc, should be
displayed and a download link given.

There are various options as to how to render it and display the copyright
information other than above. However, I think the latter is very important for
media and oughtn't really be bypassed. Especially if it is not under the GFDL but cc-

Maybe that should be another bug that [[media:example.ogg]] shouldn't be a blue
textlink through to the file but to its description page, hmmmmm...

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Severity: minor



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dunc_harris wrote:

More thoughts:

The copyright issue is even more important if it is a low quality short section of
a song that falls under fair use.

Although it is possible to straight through to images with [[media:foo.jpg]],
people don't, whereas they do link straight through to other media.

If it was easy to get them to behave like images, then they could be displayed
within gallery tags. dumdedum.

rowan.collins wrote:

For other related thoughts, see [[meta:Multimedia]]

(In reply to comment #0)

Maybe that should be another bug that [[media:example.ogg]] shouldn't be a blue
textlink through to the file but to its description page, hmmmmm...

Well, we already have a syntax for that: [[:Image:Example.ogg]]. OK, so it's not
very intuitively named, but it allows us all three types of link (link to file,
link to description, display file inline if image). See also bug 44

dunc_harris wrote:

I have had a very good idea.

See for how it works.

If it looks like an image box, that's because basically it is, but with added kazam!

There are three columns each with a link and a button (which we'll have to get
these made to look pretty but these placeholders are okay for the moment):

  1. Indicates whether it is a sound file or a video file, e.g. be a copy of for ogg
file. Clicking the link or icon takes you through to the image description page
and more data about the file.

  1. Clicking on the second play icon plays/downloads the file.
  2. For help because these files are quite complicated.

The caption goes beneath the box, as with pictures.

There are also a few formatting issues that need to be sorted out as all of it
ought to be blue and there are white lines where the table is. I'm also not sure
that the text and the icons are required, maybe just the icons with alt text
would suffice. But those are minor points.

Still, neat, eh? I think this is important enough to be a high priority. I am
feeling quite proud of myself.

ayg wrote:

Inspired by the fact that someone unknowingly started working on Bug 1234, which
is going to be one of our [[m:Summer of Code 2006]] projects, I would like to
note that the other project is relevant to this:

"No-install in-browser display of video (and audio?) clips for Wikimedia
Commons, using reasonably common Java and/or Flash components. Needs to be able
to 1) play or transparently pre-convert Ogg Theora videos, 2) avoid use of
patent-encumbered formats. Consider integration of Fluendo's Cortado player
applet as a starting point."

Please close this as "Wontfix". The recent launch of TMH made this proposed enhancement obsolete.