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De.WP's quote template eats refs (or gets eaten)
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The German template for quotes:

eats refs, or rather their display at the end of the article, if the refs are inserted in it & the article is loaded in VE. Example articles: -> ref 5 & 8 -> 26, 123-125 -> ref 12


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from the report:

  • a) {{<ref>source a</ref>}} -> eats ref completely

in all other reported cases:

  • b) {<ref>source b</ref>}
  • c) {{<ref>source c</ref>
  • d) {<ref>source d</ref>
  • e) {{<ref>source a</ref>}.

VE tells the user once "This is Wikitext" but then carries on; see test page:

JanWMF added a comment.Sep 6 2013, 9:02 PM

Chances are this issue is systemic; three more examples:

  1. Info box for movie articles:

includes three refs in

and they all get eaten if the entry is loaded in VE.

  1. Info box for corporate entities:

see the first four refs in


eats the two included refs in:

This looks like a side effect of the underlying problem in bug 50474.


Rolling Stones: The section Discografie

includes another article inserted as template:

However, the article isn't displayed in full but only relevant parts, picked by onlyinclude-tags.

Shine a Light: The issue not included in a template is caused by something VE apparently can't handle in spelling out the ref name but Wikicode can: "_" vs " ":

The other two are eaten by the template, i.e. the same source is also referred to in refs outside the template and VE simply doesn't count the template-inserted refs.

Merging this with bug 50474 which I have managed to determine that this is the same as that.

  • This bug has been marked as a duplicate of bug 50474 ***