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Point local sidebars to UploadWizard rather than old Commons upload
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UploadWizard has been default link in Commons' sidebar for a while, it's probably a trivially desired enhancement to point to it rather than to the old upload where it is hardcoded in the config; it seems only 2 es and 1 pt wikis remembered to do so. (Just noticed on it.source.)

Playing the devil's advocate, one could say that people coming from local projects may be looking for the old upload form for local->Commons import, which is not available in the UploadWizard, but 1) it's rarely so because those wikis usually have upload disabled, 2) import is done by experienced users who know how to find it.

'wgUploadNavigationUrl' => array(
'wikinews' => '',

Individual wikis
'ckbwiki' => '',
'cswiki' => '',
'cswikibooks' => '',
'cswikinews' => '',
'cswikiquote' => '',
'cswikisource' => '',
'cswikiversity' => '',
'cswiktionary' => '',
'dawiki' => '', bug 37662
'dewikisource' => '',
'enwikibooks' => '',
'enwikiquote' => '',
'enwiktionary' => '',
'eswikibooks' => '',
'eswiktionary' => '',
'euwiki' => '',
'huwiktionary' => '',
'incubatorwiki' => '/wiki/Special:MyLanguage/Incubator:Upload',
'jawikisource' => '',
'lawiki' => '', bug 13190
'ndswiki' => '',
'nlwiki' => '',
'nlwikisource' => '',
'nlwikiquote' => '',
'nlwiktionary' => '',
'plwiki' => 'ślij_plik', bug 42579
'plwikiquote' => '',
'ptwikibooks' => '',
'ruwikinews' => '',
'specieswiki' => '',
'zhwikinews' => '',

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Severity: enhancement



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bzimport raised the priority of this task from to Medium.Nov 22 2014, 2:00 AM
bzimport set Reference to bz53904.

I support the idea to move any "Commons:Upload" to "Special:UploadWizard". The Nemo arguments are sensible.

Just a careful note: We should before check upload wizard has already been localized in target language and take this opportunity to encourage the community to translate it.

So I offer we:

  • now move any Commons:Upload to Special:UploadWizard for any language where the upload wizard is available
  • ask translation communities to localize the wizard
  • then change the remaining after the translations have been done

Have you found any language, among those, which has less translations in UW than in the local interface? Looks unlikely.

(In reply to comment #3)

What's the state of this?

Just needs a patch to do the config change for all languages.

Change 88072 had a related patch set uploaded by Odder:
(bug 53904) Point local sidebars to UploadWizard on Commons

Change 88072 merged by jenkins-bot:
(bug 53904) Point local sidebars to UploadWizard on Commons

Merged and sidebar cache is not even working against us.

UploadWizard is broken most of the time, at least for some users. And when you submit patches, you have to depend on the good-will of their developer to get it merged; you have to amend perfectly valid patches just "because we use anonymous functions" and not "$.proxy", for example.

I wish such changes would be more carefully evaluated.

`$wmgAltUploadForm` does not help if UploadWizard's JS breaks before it was able to display that link. One of it's most stupid design errors.