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FOUC on main page, showing a "navigation"-caption
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Author: incarus6

After reading some articles I figured out that some elements in wikipedia shows a strange loading behaviour:

The navigation is is showing a "navigation"-button above "Main page" until the site finished loading, then the button disappears. The menu entries aren't expandable while the site is loading, all menu entries are shown. This might be due to wikipedia's custom theme (not logged in btw) or something and makes the loading experience really inconsistent. Possible fix: Menu-entries like "Navigation" shouldn't even appear when disabled.

Further there is an issue with the Tigrinya and arabic language font. If you read (look at) articles containing rhe Tigrinya language (for example and ) it seems like the site is loading a thinner font, then the font is disappearing and a bigger font appears. Surprisingly this issue doesn't appear [on one article?] in the english wikipedia:
The font-reloading also happens to the arabic language, see the same articles above.

Furthermore there is an issue in untranslated english text like "Log in", "create account" etc. is not using wikipedias default font but apparently the (ugly) latin letters from the ti-font.

This issue can be reproduced in Firefox, Internet Explorer and Chrome.

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Thanks for reporting this!

(In reply to comment #0)

The navigation is is showing a "navigation"-button above "Main page" until
the site finished loading

A button? Any chance to provide a screenshot? I would have expected it to look like instead.
Also, on which exact page(s) does this happen? Full URL(s) welcome in order to reproduce (though my connection might be too fast).

Further there is an issue with the Tigrinya and arabic language font.

I can confirm the font issue with Firefox 23.0.1 on Fedora 19, however this needs to be filed as a separate issue under as it is a Webfonts issue.
This is stuff for a different developer team, hence a different ticket... :)

incarus6 wrote:

Screenshot while loading the page and after loading the page. Happens with every language (not logged in).

I created a screenshot showing the mentioned behaviour. It took me several minutes to take a screenshot of it because it appears only for one second (and I have fast internet too ;) ), but it can be clearly seen though.


wikipedia.png (646×418 px, 77 KB)

It's Vector's collapsiblenav feature. I can confirm the FOUC. Is it new or have I just not noticed it before?

It's not new, it's been that way since ever. That component needs to be rewritten with less JS and more CSS. See also bug 46512.

This is how long this has been known. :)

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