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MobileFrontend often only showing a blank white page on iPhone
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When I try to access, I intermittently get a completely white screen. If I refresh a few times, it'll sometimes load. It seems to be more commonly not loading than loading.

I'm using an iPhone 5 with iOS 6.1.4 and private browsing enabled. I tested with a friend's phone (iPhone 4 of some kind) and had the same issue. Not sure how to diagnose the issue from my phone.

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I can reproduce this too. iOS 6.1 (jailbroken), iPhone 4S using Safari without private browsing enabled.

I tried refreshing around 10 times and never got it to load.

I tried accessing, which worked the first time and then any subsequent refreshing loaded a blank page. Same thing on

Poking in Firefox on desktop, sometimes it seems to hang with a white screen and stuck loading from

Here's the source I see for the page, just this:

<script src="//;lang=en&amp;;skin=vector&amp;version=20130909T141121Z&amp;*"></script>

Is this only MediaWiki.CSS and did it only surface Friday? If so I have a theory involving some js added to mobile.js for the privacy policy on that day...

I'm only hitting this issue on I noticed the issue on Saturday, September 7, I believe.

This was most probably caused by bug 50746.