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Unlink credits URLs to Wikitravel, leave only as plain text
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Is it possible in it:voy to change the wikitravel credit from regular link into plain text?

As an example I mention: (see footnote).

This request has been discussed in en:voy. So let me know the feasibility in order to discuss with en:voy and to extend them this request too.

Version: master
Severity: enhancement
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bzimport raised the priority of this task from to Low.Nov 22 2014, 2:02 AM
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Andyrom75 created this task.Sep 9 2013, 1:13 PM

To avoid misunderstanding I would convert only "" (link) into "" (plain text). The remaining part of the footnote should remain the same.

Waiting on feedback from WMF Legal.

Thanks a lot for the update I/we'll wait patiently.

[Raising priority as it blocks bug 52688]

(In reply to comment #2)

Waiting on feedback from WMF Legal.

rkaldari: Any news? Or somebody to CC on this ticket? :P

(In reply to comment #2)

Waiting on feedback from WMF Legal.

rkaldari: Any news? Or somebody to CC on this ticket?

The links currently look like: <a class="external" rel="nofollow" href="">Milano</a>

They already have nofollow (bug 41983), so we currently have no reason to believe this request blocks bug 52688.

Given the closure of bug 41983, this part of it could be considered a WONTFIX. The legal question here whether a bare URL which is not a link is enough, on the web, as attribution: Luis? (Feel free to close this bug if you think the reasons above make it not worth investigating this non-standard attribution method.)

I pinged Luis last month, but haven't heard anything back.

Without a legal opinion this can't proceed, so that response equals WONTFIX.

peihana wrote:

Why is a legal opinion needed?

(In reply to comment #10)

Why is a legal opinion needed?

Because, as the name of the extension adding those links (CreditSource) says, the link to the original (place of the) work is used for attribution of the authors under CC-BY-SA license. The WMF is surely not going to remove this without approval by their legal department.

carlb613 wrote:

We need a legal opinion before deciding whether WONTFIX is appropriate as, if this can be fixed, it needs to be fixed. Anything which causes a search engine to mistakenly flag the entire site as duplicate content is a serious bug which is harming the project.

Carl: Is there any proof that this issue really influences/blocks bug 52688?

As written in , "we'd urge you to carefully consider any changes you make, on this issue or any other". I don't think that justifies "high priority" on this bug report, but in the end it would be the (legal) responsibility of a person willing to merge a potential patch.

carlb613 wrote:

We do know this link to a competing site is spammed onto nearly every page. We do know we are now having PageRank issues. I'd suspect that's as clear as this is going to get, given that search engine operators are keeping the algorithms proprietary secrets in order to make any manipulation of results within the algorithm difficult to prove or disprove. We have no idea whether "nofollow" will be respected by whatever code at Google is arbitrarily labelling entire sites as duplicate content and no means to force Google to do so.

The bottom text is defined in which currently says on English Wikivoyage:

"This article is partly based on [ Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike 3.0 Licensed] work from other websites. Details of contributors can be found in the [$5 article history]."

Is that sufficient to close this ticket as WORKSFORME?

A WMF legal must approve that wording in order to close the ticket.

Andyrom: Won't happen if I get comment 13 correctly.

My question probably is rather: Why not do what en.wv already does?

Andre: Not sure to get your point. Comment 13 is related to a google rank issue. While the change of the footer may (I hope not) have an impact on the CC-BY license term.
Please rephrase your statement in case I've misunderstood it.

(In reply to Andyrom75 from comment #0)

Is it possible in it:voy to change the wikitravel credit from regular link
into plain text?
As an example I mention:

Page now says:

Questo articolo è parzialmente basato sul lavoro pubblicato con licenza
CC BY-SA 3.0 su altri siti web. Maggiori dettagli e la lista completa
dei contributori possono essere trovati nella cronologia associata.

with "cronologia" linking to

Closing as WORKSFORME.