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SQL error while installing PageTriage on a test Wiki (SQLite 3.7.8)
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Creating pagetriage_tags table ...A database query error has occurred.
Query: INSERT INTO pagetriage_tags (ptrt_tag_name, ptrt_tag_desc)
('linkcount', 'Number of inbound links'),
('category_count', 'Category mapping count'),
('csd_status', 'CSD status'),
('prod_status', 'PROD status'),
('blp_prod_status', 'BLP PROD status'),
('afd_status', 'AFD status'),
('rev_count', 'Number of edits to the article'),
('page_len', 'Number of bytes of article'),
('snippet', 'Beginning of article snippet'),
('user_name', 'User name'),
('user_editcount', 'User total edit'),
('user_creation_date', 'User registration date'),
('user_autoconfirmed', 'Check if user is autoconfirmed' ),
('user_bot', 'Check if user is in bot group'),
('user_block_status', 'User block status'),
('user_id', 'User id'),
('reference', 'Check if page has references')

Function: DatabaseBase::sourceFile( /srv/www/htdocs/extensions/PageTriage/sql/PageTriageTags.sql )

Error: 1 near ",": syntax error


Version: unspecified
Severity: minor



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Error occurs when running update script

$ php update.php

It's about which is lacking in the component select of Bugzilla

Which MediaWiki version is this about?

The HEAD of the MASTER branch.

Change 83917 had a related patch set uploaded by Rillke:
Use SQL that SQLite 3.7.8 understands

Change 83917 merged by jenkins-bot:
Use SQL that SQLite 3.7.8 understands

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