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Consider/Evaluate "Priority" setting restrictions
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Having talked to a number of Wikimedia (Foundation) development teams in the past, two or three teams that do not primarily use Bugzilla but other tools often mentioned that anybody can change the "Priority" field in of bug reports, so that priorities might not reflect anymore what the team really plans to work on.

This does not mean that it is planned to introduce restrictions when it comes to setting/changing priorities of bug reports; I'd just like to drop some collected information here that might help evaluating later (if needed and wanted).

Upstream ticket:

General upstream recommendations: using check_can_change_field()

RedHat patch (against an old Bugzilla 3.x version) globally based on group:

MeeGo extension (against Bugzilla 3.6; per product configurable priority change control group, Admin is able to configure which group is able to change priority of given product from product administration page):

Version: wmf-deployment
Severity: enhancement



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Sumana brought up that this would need to be very fine-grained as we have lots of Bugzilla components that are NOT led by WMF developers but community.

I think it makes sense to restrict the priority fields to the actual maintainers of the component, since they are most likely the ones that will work on these tasks.

I don't see this as a WMF vs Others problem, but as a Maintainers vs Others problem. The fact that WMF employees happen to be Maintainers of some components doesn't make any difference. The conclusion is that any solution should be applicable at the component level.

I took a quick look again today if this (to some extend) could also be investigated by using group permissions instead. allows restrictions per product by defining group memberships since got fixed in .
The related documentation generally sucks ( ) and I haven't experimented with this so far.

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