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Close or move Cortado / mwEmbed products
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10 open bugs, mostly years old and inactive since a long time, for a piece of software Wikimedia (or anyone?) is no longer using or developing.
Andre has already posted messages about the deprecation of the software/component a while ago, as far as I can see.

No reason to clutter with the 21st product; please close the product for new bug submission. Or move under another product, like MediaWiki extensions: it's just for some extensions after all (the users don't care about where the code is placed or if we consider it an upstream library).

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General "Where to put Cortado bug reports" discussions:

I agree that mwEmbed and Cortado feel overexposed in the current Bugzilla taxomony (being top-level products) but especially for Cortado and for some of the subcomponents of "mwEmbed" I am not informed enough myself to say how much they are still actually used in our Wikimedia server setup.
However, quoting :
// NOTE: TMH *requires* MwEmbedSupport to function

In my humble opinion, we probably should mass-close the 10 open Cortado tickets with a comment explaining to upstream these tickets if still valid, and delete the Cortado product by moving all Cortado tickets

  • either under product "MediaWiki extensions" in a new component "Cortado",
  • or even under the existing component "TimedMediaHandler" nowadays.

On a related note, wondering if is still up-to-date; I am also surprised that says that TMH is in beta status.

@mtraceur: Could you clarify and/or tell me more about the use of Cortado and the mwEmbed subcomponents listed on nowadays?

mdale wrote:

I think that makes sense.

For mwEmbed:

Add media wizard	-- no longer supported. 
Firefogg -- upstream location:
General/Unknown -- can be moved to "MwEmbedSupport" extension, or otherwise closed and re-openended there since there is good amout of code distance from the two. 
Script loader -- became resource loader, can remove these bugs as deprecated. 
Sequence editor -- no longer supported. 
Timed text -- should be moved to TimedMediaHandler, or deprecated / removed. 
Video player	-- should be moved to TimedMediaHandler, or upstream:, or otherwise removed because they are filed against old code.

[Broadening scope in bug summary as per last two comments.]

mdale: Thanks, this comment was *extremely* helpful.

I've went through the remaining open mwEmbed tickets and closed/moved them by adding a comment explaining the reasons. I have also closed the "mwEmbed" product for creation of new bug reports.

I triaged some and closed all remaining open "Cortado" tickets.
Furthermore, the "Cortado" product is now closed to new bugs.

Keeping this bug open as I haven't made up my mind where and if to move the Cortado and mwEmbed products/tickets.

Problem might "solve" itself by moving from Bugzilla to Phabricator with its flat namespace for projects.

Wikimedia has migrated from Bugzilla to Phabricator. Learn more about it here: - This task does not make sense anymore in the concept of Phabricator, hence closing as declined.