Move TemplateData to its own JSON-content namespace and associate with Template-namespace


e.g. Template:Information could be documented at TemplateData:Information instead of inside the source code of Template:Information.


1. More standard use of ContentHandler for JSON across projects
2. Document templates without needing to make edits to templates that are potentially transcluded across large swaths of pages
3. Easier to implement custom editors for ContentHandler pages than for portions of wikitext pages.


1. Would need to have two separate systems - one for the JSON storage, then another to transclude the generated documentation onto template doc pages, e.g. with <templatedata /> or {{#templatedata}} or so (no params needed, because the TemplateData namespace page can be of the same name, like a talk page)
2. Would need to rework the existing editor (sorry, mooeypoo) to work with the new system

Version: master
Severity: enhancement
See Also: T52512: TemplateData: Page properties should not be stored twice (both Template and Template/doc)

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I talked about that briefly on IRC, we decided that since this is specifically about the namespace proposal, until we decided what to do about it, we'd leave both open. And closing that bug may not necessarily close this bug.

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Re-wording; this is blocked by being implemented.

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