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Transcluded Speciale:Recentchanges changes page title when no changes match criteria
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In my wikivoyage user page ( I've included the following special page: {{Special:Recentchanges/100,hidepatrolled}} in order to quickly patrol the change over the site.

When there is at least one unverifed change, everything looks perfect (it can be seen also from an unlogged browser).

But, when there's nothing to be patrolled, the title of the page change from "Utente:Andyrom75" to "Speciale:Recentchanges/100,hidepatrolled". This change provoke another collateral issue, infact on my righ-side Babylon-bar, the link "Wikivoyage (IT)" turn red because it point to a wrong (not-existing) page.

Version: 1.22.0
Severity: minor



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Easier steps to reproduce:

  1. Go to a wiki with registered-only editing
  2. Add {{Special:Recentchanges/1,hideliu}} to a page, for instance (hideliu means only unregistered edits)

Result: page title, both in HTML and PAGENAME, is switched to the translusion call; on the other hand we still have "User:Nemo_bis/Bug_54148","wgTitle":"Nemo bis/Bug 54148"

I don't know on other cases, but in my page ( the page title is correctly shown.

Please make some test and in case close the bug.

Yes, the test case in URL is fixed.