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[Trebuchet] Git-deploy should have an rsync backend
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  • Start with modules/deployment/files/modules/
  • Separate the git-specific things from the generic frameworky things
  • Use the result to define an interface for transports to implement
  • Implement that interface for rsync

Version: wmf-deployment
Severity: enhancement



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Eventually keep in mind some other transport systems such as BitTorrent or httpd+(curl|wget) :-)

Agreed. The system should be modular in this regard and should support any transportation method available.

I had done some initial work supporting bittorrent early on and everyone decided against that solution at the time. I most likely still have the code somewhere (for sure I still have the seeding daemon).

(resetting assignee as I assume Ori isn't actively working on this anymore)

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the new deployment framework (rGDEP) will likely support pluggable transport mechanisms. At any rate I think that git-deploy will become extinct soon.