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Exception from Translate/MessageCollection.php: Unknown filter
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2013-09-16 23:17:28 mediawiki-bw_: [30380891] /w/api.php?action=query&list=messagecollection&mcgroup=!recent&mcfilter=last-translator=1 Exception from line 359 of /www/ Unknown filter last-translator=1
#0 /www/ MessageCollection->filter('last-translator...', false, NULL)
#1 /www/ ApiQueryMessageCollection->run()
#2 /www/ ApiQueryMessageCollection->execute()
#3 /www/ ApiQuery->execute()
#4 /www/ ApiMain->executeAction()
#5 /www/ ApiMain->executeActionWithErrorHandling()
#6 /www/ ApiMain->execute()
#7 {main}

Version: master
Severity: minor



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I understand that there is a way to make the API throw an exception. Some questions:

  1. How can this be reproduced from the UI?
  2. What is the observed result in the UI?
  3. What is the expected result in the UI?
  4. What should the raw API call return?

This is not reproducible from the Translate ui. The api should die with dieUsage instead of throwing exception though.

Change 114971 had a related patch set uploaded by BPositive:
Caught Unknown filter Exception

Change 114971 merged by jenkins-bot:
Catch Unknown filter exception