Core-ify the CleanChanges extension's intent (to filter and declutter RecentChanges)
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As per @Eloquence's comments in T55541#575062:

1) The extension itself clearly still needs UX love. The filter UI is already
   cluttered, labels like "Users (Sep: |)" and confusing icon choices (magnify
   icon to expand links) don't help.

2) RecentChanges is a core feature. New extensions/features need to tie into
   it all the time. Maintaining an extension for some subset of wikis that
   choose it and ensuring its compatibility with all future code strikes me as
   needless complication of our core UI.

In other words, if these improvements are worthwhile (and I'm not disputing
they are! Credit to Niklas and the folks for fixing issues
in their workflow), I would argue that they should be made in MediaWiki core,
and consistently applied across all wikis, ideally after some more UX

Creating here without specific judgement.


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The first of these features (show/ignore edits in languages other than <X>) could reasonably be added in the future to the new Recent Changes Filters system that we've built, Edit-Review-Improvements-RC-Page.

The second one (collapse user links on edits until interacted with) is something I think would be lovely to consider as part of wider work to redesign RC entirely (there's a whole bunch of issues with the current layout).

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Yes, but I'm not sure about the "core-ify" part of the summary. It should be possible for extensions to alter Special:RecentChanges and derivatives, as we're unlikely to ever find a single solution that makes everyone happy. Cf. T159795: Port Translate to new RC Filters system as an example of something which ought to be a code simplification.

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With T159795: Port Translate to new RC Filters system done, I think this can be declared complete.

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I was actually planning to propose to sunset CleanChanges by integrating its relevant features into core to reduce our ongoing maintenance burden.

The most important thing are the user filter and the language filter.
Secondary thing is to reduce the link clutter, but in that functionality is now done by a gadget.