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Create automatic forward/back links on subpages
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Create automatic forward/back links on subpages, possibly at top and bottom of

(separating T17073 into smaller pieces)



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As a task for MediaWiki core this doesn't appear to be actionable as there is no concept of sequentially-associated sibling pages. The only association there is is between subject and talk page, and between child and parent. Those concepts have built-in magic words that templates can use to automatically link from one to the other.

  • {{FULLPAGENAME}}, {{ROOTPAGENAME}}, {{SUBPAGENAME}}, {{#titleparts:}}
  • {{Special:PrefixIndex/{{FULLPAGENAME}}/}}

See also

Other kinds of associations could be introduced in an extension, at which point that extension could expose a magic word for this purpose.

Alternatively, the list of associated pages could be declared in a template or Lua module, which a function to find the current, previous, and next one accordingly, which seems to be what wikis are doing currently.