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spacing around \bmod is wrong
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Author: gunther.vogel

When using \bmod in a formula which is rendered as an PNG, the glue around
the operator is missing. Patch follows.

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gunther.vogel wrote:

bugfix for \bmod spacing bug (texvc) and a few other minor things

Patch to which fixes a few minor things:

  • spacing around \bmod was missing
  • \ker, \hom, \arg, \dim should be treated like \sin & \cos (i.e., they don't need TeX)
  • \approx may be translated to HTML as ≈


jeluf wrote:

Fixed in svn r22658: TeX: \ker, \hom, \arg, \dim treated like \sin & \cos
approx bhaviour changed, too.

bmod change not implemented. Mathematicians don't use "5 bmod 3" but "5 mod 3".