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Advertise a regular "Bug of the week" as outreach to potential new contributors
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Set up workflow for having a regular, easy "bug of the week" for new code contributors, with rotating support of Wikimedia development teams.

Based on which lists queries for easy tasks and links to which attempts to answer popular questions of new contributors.

Planning page:

The idea received positive initial feedback on WMF's engineering@ mailing list in July 2014 (thread Exposing an "Easy bug of the week") but was not picked up by ECT due to the move to Phabricator having priority and then GCI.

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Cleaning my backlog.
Anybody is free to pick this task up and push it if s/he thinks it is a good idea!

Personally I currently don't see a (more automated) workflow here that does not require spending quite some time every week chasing mentors across teams and discussing potential tasks with teams.
The wikipage has some related ideas.

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Qgil added a comment.Jan 24 2015, 1:18 AM

More than Needs Volunteer, I would decline it. The reason why we are not committing to it is because we think it will bring more work than we are comfortable to take on a weekly basis. If a volunteer starts it but then cannot cope with it, the hot potato probably will fall in our hands.

Let's focus the energy in the right activities.

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Indeed - Declining for the time being.
Anybody who wants to work on this: Please reopen and assign to yourself. Happy to help!