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VisualEditor: Oldid pages' links to other versions in the page strapline (#contentSub) get hidden but are still there
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I am trying to VEdit , which is a blank version of my sandbox. There's a lot of white space between the title of the page and the point where I can start adding text, and although the source editor says the page is really empty, looks like there's still something there.

If I hover with the mouse right below the comma in the tagline "Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia", the cursor changes as if there's an invisible link.

  1. Right under the comma, the "link" points to my userpage (it's clickable, and the page will open in the same tab);
  2. some pixels below, the link will point to [[Help:Page History]];
  3. going further down, it points to a diff of the sandbox.

There are other points in the page which trigger the links, but the page history one is not easy to spot.

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The hidden text that causes this, if selected and copy/pasted elsewhere, reads:
< User:Elitre (WMF)
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This is reported as being common also in articles.

Only partly a dupe of bug 52243.

Change 107133 had a related patch set uploaded by Jforrester:
Hide #contentSub properly

Change 107133 merged by jenkins-bot:
Hide #contentSub properly