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UploadWizard continues to have dependency problems with EventLogging schemas
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Upon loading the page, UW just presents the spinner and never stops.

This behavior seen since Sept 17

Version: unspecified
Severity: critical



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Apparently checking for EventLogging isn't enough - we need to make sure we're pointing at Meta? I'll poke ori and Yuvi about this.

Error from JS console:

10:18:47.092 Error: Unknown dependency: schema.UploadWizardTutorialActions

This seems to be an ordering issue with the extensions loading. I'll rewrite the schema registration to run in the registration hook with the rest of the modules.

Change 85008 had a related patch set uploaded by MarkTraceur:
Fix module loads to be in the hook

Change 85008 merged by jenkins-bot:
Fix module loads to be in the hook

Can someone verify that this is now fixed?

Chris: Can this be closed as FIXED?

(In reply to comment #8)

Looks like it's fixed on beta commons of Monday morning PDT but the fix isn't
rolled out to test2wiki etc. yet.

Link shows 0 failures. works for me as expected, and JS output is only:
[18:40:39.404] "Validation error against schema UploadWizardTutorialActions: Unknown schema: UploadWizardTutorialActions"

Mark wrote a patch which he thinks may have fixed this.

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