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[DO NOT USE] VisualEditor: Tracking bugs for VisualEditor (tracking) [superseded by #VisualEditor]
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[Unused; we don't do tracking bugs, post-Phabricator transition.]

A central place for people to keep track of tracking bugs for VisualEditor. (Yay for bug meta-ness.)

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Severity: enhancement



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Jdforrester-WMF removed subtasks: T68083: VisualEditor: Issues with shields/highlights/phantoms (tracking), T69690: [DO NOT USE] Support non-image media (tracking) [superseded by #VisualEditor-MediaWiki-Media], T69689: VisualEditor: Support non-image media (tracking), T67955: [DO NOT USE] Additional keyboard shortcuts (tracking) [superseded by #VisualEditor-EditingTools], T67829: VisualEditor: Issues with new Image model (tracking), T72372: [DO NOT USE] VisualEditor Mobile: Support Android (tracking) [superseded by #VisualEditor-MediaWiki-Mobile], T58865: VisualEditor: Allow users to set/edit behaviour flags in the page metadata panel (tracker), T61885: VisualEditor: Work correctly in Draft namespace (tracking), T53314: VisualEditor: Create toolbar icons for bold/italic/underline/superscript/subscript/etc. for scripts/languages as appropriate, T51685: [DO NOT USE] VisualEditor: Performance issues (tracker) [superseded by #VisualEditor-Performance], T49780: VisualEditor: Tools to set/unset text with annotations (tracker), T52781: VisualEditor: Browser blacklist issues (tracking), T54327: Broken browser plugins cause cruft to be injected into the page (tracking), T50789: VisualEditor: Improvements and behaviour changes to the link input widget (tracking), T50426: VisualEditor: Pre-beta needs (tracker), T48803: VisualEditor: Plugin editors to be created (tracking), T55604: VisualEditor: Transclusion dialog improvements (tracking), T53792: VisualEditor: Non-English Wikipedia issues (tracking), T35126: VisualEditor: Support for right-to-left (rtl) / bidirectional content (tracking), T35105: [DO NOT USE] VisualEditor: Preserve rich text formatting when pasting from internal or external sources (tracking) [superseded by #VisualEditor-CopyPaste], T35077: VisualEditor multilingual input / i18n issues (tracking), T41596: [DO NOT USE] Support tables (tracking) [superseded by #VisualEditor-Tables], T39870: VisualEditor: Support media (tracking), T40855: Finish API design and documentation for v1.0 release.
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[adding the Tracking-Neverending project to tasks blocking (now deprecated) T4007 as part of T93366]

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