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VisualEditor: Automatic Incorrect caret movement with ULS
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This is a separate report for automatic caret movement from one place to another when using VE with ULS.

This problem has been seen with some other bugs, specifically, in the fourth[1], seventh[2] and tenth[3] comments of Bug 53708 and the original report of Bug 54421

I also suspect that the problem in Bug 53701 is a form of this bug only.

However, I am reporting this as a separate bug since I was able to reproduce it independent of these bugs.

System environment:
Win 7 X64 SP1
Google Chrome 29.0.1547.66 m

Test Url:

1 Enable ULS IME hindi transliteration
2 Take the caret to the end of the first paragraph using the mouse (i.e click at the end of the first paragraph to take the caret there)

Expected output:

Actual Output:

As long as the return keys have been pressed, everything is fine and the caret is in the second newline. However, as soon as a is pressed, the input is in the first new line and not the second. The caret has hence moved up one line before the input is placed into the output text. The caret does not move back and is after the output अ

This text is selectable, but can't be copy-pasted into an external text editor.
The text is removable, so this is not entirely Bug 53708 . However, pressing a backspace when the caret is after अ removes अ along with the newline that precedes it.


Version: unspecified
Severity: normal



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Confirming the above problem for VE+ULS (Typing input Marathi:अक्षरांतरण) Tested with Win 7 + Firefox 24.0

*Plus additional issue observed after Automatic Incorrect caret movement when I kept typing It started eating up text on right side in continuous movement simmiller to the problem described in Bug 53757 .

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As of in UniversalLanguageSelector this should now be resolved and working for all users, and will be part of the wmf.12 release starting tomorrow.