Part of the section title and the "Edit beta" link can disappear (especially when when resizing browser window)
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(This happens in Chrome and Firefox, with Monobook and Vector).
If you shrink the browser window a lot (like, 360px wide, so that the text appears as a long column with no more than a few words per line), you are still able to read the article and see the pictures, but the headings might be incomplete and the "Edit beta" link will be hardly visible or missing at all (I'm using 125% text zoom in Chrome, it gets better if I reduce this value).
Another user produced this screenshot of how he sees his page, . I don't get pics overlapping the text, but other elements do have that behaviour (the top of the page in particular is a mess :) ).

Version: 1.22.0
Severity: normal


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The user who took the screenshot said "When templates or pictures are on both sides of a section heading, constricting it, the links get cut off (in monobook, FireFox 24, Windows 7)", but he did not mention resizing the tab - that's how I managed to reproduce the link being uncomplete (or cut out).

The section edit link area is made not to wrap because it would look very silly if it wrapped at the very end of the line:

I don't think page widths narrow enough not to fit the entire section edit link area is something we want to support, and it's not possible to avoid both the issue you described and the one I showed above. Hence – WONTFIX. :)

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