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Bugzilla data scanned for tech metrics must be aligned with repos scanned
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Currently shows that the Bugzilla products scanned are MediaWiki, All extensions, VisualEditor and Parsoid. However, this list must be in sync with - which in turn is synced with

Let's update that wiki page with the relevant products / components. A 100% match is probably impossible, but a 90% (or so) should be feasible.

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Álvaro, can MetricsGrimoire scan only specific components of a Bugzilla product? The reason to ask is that, ideally, we wouldn't scan the whole MediaWiki Extension product but only the relevant components.

Yes Quim, we can scan only components.

Quim, for the Bugzilla components mapping, do you have some plan in mind for gathering the info from Wikimedia Community? Maybe we can start doing the mapping of the more clear components, but it there is a complete process to cover all of them, much better!

(If there is something I can specifically help with as Bugzilla admin, please tell me what I need to do for you folks.)

Andre, if you could point to the Bugzilla product/component of each project at that would be perfect!

I guess we all know that there are no clear 1:1 mapping is possible, but instead 1:n or n:1. I just hope to avoid n:n. :)

[[wikitech:Key_Wikimedia_software_projects]] -- Bugzilla product > component


analytics/kraken -- Analytics > Kraken
analytics/webstatscollector -- Datasets > Webstatscollector
analytics/wikimetrics -- Analytics > Wikimetrics
analytics/wikistats -- Analytics > Wikistats -- Analytics > Limn
analytics/* -- Analytics > General/Unknown

Mobile apps

apps/android/commons -- Commons App > iOS (iPhone or iPad) -- Wikipedia App -- Wikipedia App -- Wiki Loves Monuments > Mobile


  • -- Wikimedia > Continuous integration


Hard to define, mostly in, some in Bugzilla under "Wikimedia > General" with keyword "ops".
operations/dns -- Wikimedia > DNS
operations/software/otrs -- Wikimedia > OTRS



wikimedia/bugzilla/modifications -- Wikimedia > Bugzilla
wikimedia/bugzilla/triagescripts -- Wikimedia > Bugzilla
wikimedia/bugzilla/wikibugs -- Wikimedia > wikibugs IRC bot


wikimedia/communications/WMBlog -- Wikimedia > Blog


Mostly using CiviCRM; related components in Bugzilla are:

  • MediaWiki extensions > FundraiserLandingPage
  • MediaWiki extensions > FundraiserPortal
  • Wikimedia > Fundraising Misc.
  • Wikimedia > Fundraising Requirements

MediaWiki misc


mediawiki/php/luasandbox     --  MediaWiki extensions > Scribunto
mediawiki/php/wikidiff2      --  MediaWiki extensions > wikidiff2

mediawiki/tools/code-utils -- Tools > code-utils
mediawiki/tools/mwdumper -- Tools > mw-dumper


pywikibot/* -- Pywikibot > *


mediawiki/vagrant -- MediaWiki-Vagrant > *
labs/toollabs -- Wikimedia Labs > tools
openzim -- openZIM > *
qa/browsertests -- Wikimedia > Quality Assurance

Core Extensions

Don't want to spend too much time going through the list and syncing with however noteworthy naming differences from the top of my head:

PageTriage -- MediaWiki extensions > PageCuration
Parsoid -- Parsoid > *
SyntaxHighlight_GeSHi -- MediaWiki extensions > SyntaxHighlight (GeSHi)
VisualEditor -- VisualEditor > *
Wikibase -- MediaWiki extensions > WikidataRepo

Ok guys, is this ready to start downloading all those bugzilla product and components and adding them to the korma browser?

Great, I have programmed for adding to the report the next repos:

Analytics > Kraken:
Datasets > Webstatscollector:
Analytics > Wikimetrics
Analytics > Wikistats
Analytics > Limn
Analytics > General/Unknown
Commons App > iOS (iPhone or iPad)
Wikipedia App
Wiki Loves Monuments > Mobile
Wikimedia > Continuous integration
Wikimedia > DNS
Wikimedia > OTRS
Wikimedia > Bugzilla
Wikimedia > wikibugs IRC bot
Wikimedia > Blog
Wikimedia > Fundraising: Misc.
Wikimedia > Fundraising: Requirements
Tools > code-utils
Tools > mw-dumper
Pywikibot > *
MediaWiki-Vagrant > *
Wikimedia Labs > tools
openZIM > *
Wikimedia > Quality Assurance

I have checked all of them and works. So tomorrow you should have the new info.

(In reply to comment #6)

Core Extensions

Don't want to spend too much time going through the list and syncing with
however noteworthy naming differences from the top of my head:

Currently korma lists all the extensions in a single project. This is good enough for now, but for the Bugzilla Response Time KPI [1] we will need to be more precise:

  • Including only the key projects.
  • Treating each component separately, just like we do with code repos.