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[OPS] Upgrade phantomjs from 1.4 to 1.8 at least
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To run Selenium browser tests (bug 53697) in the PhantomJS headless browser, we need PhantomJS to come with a WebDriver.

We currently have PhantomJS 1.4 which does not have such support.

Apparently, support for the DebDriver has been added in PhantomJS v1.8:

The binding in Selenium are provided as of v2.27 (qa/browsertests ship v2.35) so at least that part is covered.

We thus need to backport PhantomJS from Ubuntu Saucy (it has v1.9.0). That will most probably have impact on the existing QUnit jobs.

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The QUnit jobs uses the grunt-contrib-qunit node module (in integration/jenkins.git) which comes with its own PhantomJS installation. So I guess we are safe installing whatever PhantomJS we might need.

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backportpackage (phantomjs 1.9.0 from saucy)


The cowbuilder step does not complains about any missing dependencies which is a good sign. The compilation of qt eventually died out because there was not enough memory on the instance I have been using (integration-jobbuilder). I am creating a new instance (integration-pbuilder) with 4GB memory and 2 CPU and will retry.

The package backport flawlessly. It is a bit long since it compiles QT :/

Packages are at:

Bundled as one file in:

Had it installed on the instance that run the tests. And that seems to be working.

I have filled RT #5817 to get the package uploaded on

(In reply to comment #4)

I have filled RT #5817 to get the package uploaded on

Andrew closed the RT ticket. Packages available at

I assume this can be closed as FIXED?

Yup that has been solved. Thank you Andre (and Andrew)