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Echo gets the wrong section name (i.e. it parses the page differently from MediaWiki)
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The edit
triggered the following notification:

Reverta-me mentioned you on Filtro de edições/Análise talk page in "Filtro 119".
10 minutes ago | View changes

The section name is actually "Registros analisados", not "Filtro 119". The problem is caused by the following table which is in that section:

{| class="wikitable"
! [[WP:Filtro de edições/Análise/2013/06]]<span style="margin:0 0.5em;">/</span>[[WP:Filtro de edições/Análise/2013/06/Registros|Registros]]
! ...
! [[WP:Filtro de edições/Análise/2013/09]]<span style="margin:0 0.5em;">/</span>[[WP:Filtro de edições/Análise/2013/09/Registros|Registros]]
== Filtro 1 ==
== Filtro 112 ==
| ...
== Filtro 1 ==
== Filtro 119 ==

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Severity: normal



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Looks like extension tag blocks like <nowiki> and <pre> need to be stripped before the DiscussionParser goes looking for section boundaries...

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Here is another example: the edit

caused this notification:

Jakec mentioned you on the Property proposal/Creative work talk page in "Film".

but the edit was on section "Classificação Decimal Universal", not on section "Film".

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This is something we should fix, but is a bit of an edge case. Should be able to turn one of these edits into a unit test(echo has facilities for this).

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I was just about to report this again (then I searched for duplicates):

If a page has multiple sections with the same title, like „Benachrichtigung“ in this case, the first link has the anchor „#Benachrichtigung“, while the second link has the anchor „#Benachrichtigung 2“.
However, notifications are unaware of this behavior and always use the section title. This shouldn't be the case. Note that this isn't that trivial, as section headings can change between notification sending and page view.

I disagree that this really is an edge case, it happens quite often.

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