ISSN Magic Numbers
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Author: fgregg

There was a request to add similar functionality for ISSN numbers as exists now for ISBN numbers.

These files add this feature.

Version: unspecified
Severity: enhancement

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bzimport created this task.Oct 9 2005, 4:46 PM

fgregg wrote:

patches Parser.php for ISSN magicnumbering

attachment ISSNpatch ignored as obsolete

fgregg wrote:

Periodical Special Page

Attached: SpecialPeriodicalsources.php

avarab wrote:

(In reply to comment #1)

Created an attachment (id=961) [edit]
patches Parser.php for ISSN magicnumbering

This patch is useless because the code that was supposed to use the function you
added is commented out, furthermore, making a new function to parse ISSN codes
rather than adding that functionality to the already existing ISBN function
(they're parsed almost in the same way),

fgregg wrote:

patch responds to criticism, integrated with current ISBN code

attachment ISSNpatch ignored as obsolete

brion added a comment.Dec 3 2005, 2:25 AM
  • Avoid mixing tabs and spaces; use tabs consistently
  • Please follow existing code conventions on code block usage
  • Will require patch to Sanitizer.php to protect against ISSN links in HTML


  • Won't this not work without a patch to Booksources?

fgregg wrote:

fixed formatting in response to Brion's comment

Attached: ISSNpatch

fgregg wrote:

Patches Santitizer.php to catch ISSN links

Attached: ISSNSanitizerpatch

fgregg wrote:

patches SpecialPage.php

Attached: ISSNSpecialpage

fgregg wrote:

*Responded to Brion's comments about format
*Included patch to Sanitizer.php
*Changed patch so that ISSN pages go to SpecialPeriodicalsources.php
*Added patch to SpecialPage.php to include SpecialPeriodicalsources.php
*attachment 962 is SpecialPeriodicalsources.php


What's the appropriate way to patch for messages

ui2t5v002 wrote:

What is this for? ISBN is a label for a single book. ISSN is a label for an
entire journal; not individual articles or even volumes. What is going to be on
the "ISSN sources" page? A single link to the web site of the journal? What's
the point?

demon added a comment.Mar 13 2009, 1:11 PM

WONTFIX'ing per comment 10 and lack of activity for 3 years.

ayg wrote:

Lack of activity is never a legitimate reason for WONTFIXing, but I don't think we want more magic like ISBN and RFC. Better that those should be phased out in favor of templates at some point in the future.

re-opening to depend on Bug #26207

demon added a comment.Dec 23 2011, 7:53 PM

Removing need-review keyword. This absolutely depends on 26207 which presumably would handle this cleanly without requiring Sanitizer & Parser changes.

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