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MetaPost scalable vector graphics support
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Author: Markus.Kuhn

It would be wonderful to have support for scalable vector graphics via MetaPost.
We are already using TeXnology for rendering mathematical formulas, so why not
also use the TeX community's very elegant vector graphics engine? In contrast to
many other scalable-graphics format alternatives (SVG, PDF, etc.), MetaPost was
specifically designed to be easy to use when diagrams are edited with plain-text
editors. MetaPost graphics should not be uploaded as separate files, they should
be included into the main text, as it happens already with mathematical formulas.

MetaPost is well established, very widely used to prepare high-quality diagrams
in scientific publishing, and freely available as portable software. It is a
very easy to learn elegant high-level graphics description language that the
mpost interpreter converts into embedded postscript (which in turn is easy to
raster via ghostscript). MetaPost descriptions are ideally suited to be
manipulated with a plain-text editor. The language allows authors to select a
level of abstraction appropriate for the diagram at hand.


<mpost width=200px>
    fill ((0,0)--(2,0)--(2,1)--(1,1)--(1,2)--(0,2)--cycle) withcolor green;
    draw ((2,0)..(2,1)..(1,1)..(1,2)..(0,2));
    drawarrow ((0,0)--(2,2));

Version: 1.23.0
Severity: enhancement