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add basic expectations management to docs
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Author: sumanah

Re Users: mention basic expectations of users; things like "you should be at least somewhat familiar to working on a Unix-like commandline or have someone who is to help"

Re service level agreement: Tool Labs is "semi-production" - "semi-production" means that we are aiming for two nines of uptime, hoping to reach or approach three, and that when something fails off-hours only /some/ of the operations team gets rushed to help as opposed to /all/ of it in the case of a production failure.

Re expectation for communication: we'll aim to give 48 hours notice before significant downtime

If this is not good enough, here's the road to production -- "add a Bugzilla ticket" - what product? what component? ask Andre Klapper to wrangle it? Something like ?

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I strongly wonder which docs this refers to, and if any docs already exist(ed).
Links highly welcome if this task is still valid.

IIRC this referred to, or nowadays That page has been revamped multiple times since this task was created; additionally I don't think any such expectations on infrastructure and support should be put there without a commitment by WMF, and even then they would probably be only used for drama.

(Sorry, misclicked.)

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