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Edits with a given TIMESTAMP should be visible either when offset=TIMESTAMP or offset=TIMESTAMP&dir=prev
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An edit such as
whose timestamp is 2012-01-01T20:35:50 should be present in one of these two pages, but currently isn't:

Compare with the API, where setting the "ucend" parameter still returns the edit with that exact timestamp:

The problem is not exclusive to [[Special:Contributions]] (I first noticed it at [[pt:Special:AbuseLog]])

Version: 1.22.0
Severity: normal



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A similar example: if we are at
there are two logs whose timestamp is "2013-09-28T14:29:18", and if we click on "older 3", we get
where the first log is from "2013-09-28T14:28:44".

On the other hand,
shows three logs from "2013-09-28T14:29:18", and the last one of them is not present in any of the other links above.