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Webrequest, mobile, and zero request stream lacking mf-m=a and mf-m=b markers
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The webrequest stream, mobile webrequest stream, and zero webrequest stream
used to come with "mf-m=a", and "mf-m=b" markers in the X-Analytics field.

Now they no longer come with those markers.

However, it seems we need them markers to track usage of the
mobilefrontend for alpha/beta site.
(Diederik might know the details)

As there were some changes around handling of the X-Analytics field, and
around how the zero markers get set there, those changes of the puppet
repo might be related:


The markers seem to be set in includes/MobileContext.php:907 of

The latest packets with those markers are:





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This was broken by my change to Varnish to fix #53806 (I6ac2dd). I flagged this as a potential issue on the commit message, but Yuri assured me that MediaWiki never sets X-Analytics. He was obviously wrong and I was wrong to be lazy and not checking it myself :)

Fixing this isn't trivial as our cache is poisoned by the Varnish setting X-Analytics and it's impossible to know if the header that we have was set by MediaWiki or Varnish. Maybe we can hack it up and specifically regexp mf-m and append it.

Before we go down that path though, can we have a specification of what X-Analytics is/supposed to be, what key/values does it have and what part of our infrastructure is supposed to set each key? We're obviously having troubles communicating on a peer-to-peer basis, so let's fix this once and for all :)

Change 86846 had a related patch set uploaded by Faidon Liambotis:
varnish mobile: don't override MW's X-Analytics

Change 86846 merged by Faidon Liambotis:
varnish mobile: don't override MW's X-Analytics

mf-m tags came back and were within expectations for the last four days.