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Gallery tags do not honour their 'spec'
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According to the gallery tag supports various parameters that are ignored on mobile.

These parameters add classes such as .mw-gallery-nolines

I'm not sure where the gallery code resides but this patch will be a good first step:
Change-Id: Iee44632292b89dd2f131d529740e8e6f3306cbda

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See includes/gallery/* in core for the code generating the galleries ... note it's recently expanded from the 'traditional' gallery layout to some new modes, so documentation and state may or may not match up cleanly at this point.

bingle-admin wrote:

Prioritization and scheduling of this bug is tracked on Mingle card

The gallery CSS is contained in skins/common/shared.css
This file is kinda big though so we probably don't want to put it in mobile.
It would be useful to separate the gallery styles from this file into a single stylesheet file / gallery module that can be loaded when needed rather than for all pages.

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We decided to document on the wiki page that we do not plan to support these parameters on the mobile site.