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UploadWizard: The (grey) dialog should not have a spinner with a fixed white background
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Screenshot of problem:

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A similar issue (T30318) was filed in the past and resolved.

It appears to be back.

Once again (or still), the dialog has a custom spinner that:

  • has a fixed white background (causing it to stand out against the grey background of the dialog for no good reason)
  • doesn't look like other spinners used in MediaWiki (circulating blue dots instead of black lines).

Should probably use the code spinner icon instead.

See Also: T61699



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i.e. use jquery.spinner.js instead of screwing around in the usual write-a-UW-specific-method way. Thanks for catching this, Krinkle.

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Can I work on this?

Prepare the patch

tinaj1234: Could you please provide a status update and inform us whether you are still working (or still plan to work) on this issue?
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tinaj1234: I am resetting the assignee of this issue to default because there has been no progress in the last months. Feel free to take it again when you are actually planning to fix this. Thanks.

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The popup was changed to use OOUI dialog and jquery.spinner in d97dbc9ed0785c931f764d73d034d1ca6a01884e.

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