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"Bulk" options disappear when more than one ticket is selected
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Screenshot of bug

See attached screenshot for examples.

When using the search results page, queue views, etc. the simple "Bulk" options bar that appears above the list of tickets is only available when one ticket is selected. When you select more than one, the options are removed to quickly act on those tickets thus now making it more time consuming. When more than one ticket is selected, you must then click the sole remaining option ("Bulk") which opens a pop-up window where you may select all options that you with to project onto the selected tickets.

May need to go upstream. Not sure if a local configuration setting exists.

Version: wmf-deployment
Severity: minor




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Sounds like this is intended behaviour and you want it changed... Would have to go upstream.

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After upgrading to 5.0.x it still seems that's the intended behavior. I would suggest closing this as declined unless someone wants to take it upstream. I doubt though there will be positive reaction as there seems to have been quite a lot of work put into that popup box that shows up after clicking the Bulk button

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Per @akosiaris: this seems to be how the software should behave and will probably not be accepted it taken upstream.

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